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all the same

It’s likely that I won’t express this well… it’s sort of a question with which I’ve been living for quite some time now – the mystery of how our very lives depend on duality to function, with categorization to discern… and then along comes a verse like this, and there is an ever-so-brief moment of epiphany, which dissipates as soon as I start trying to lasso it in. So, i let it go.


glimpses of wholeness

Hovering Spirit lavishing glimpses of wholeness, how is it that some words etch a connective memory so deeply?

-notes from Kayla McClurg’s “Waiting for the Light” devotional


This week I am sharing journaling images that were part of last year’s Journaling through Advent experience, images that were created and never shared. I’m in the process of gathering another group this year. Might you be interested in joining me? Check it out here: http://www.grunewaldguild.com/upcoming/journaling-through-advent.

alive together

Can you believe a HUGE mushroom inspired this image?

I ran one afternoon during free time at the Theological Conference. At the end of the Chippewa Trail at the Green Lake Retreat Center, were tucked the hugest mushrooms I’ve ever seen, bigger than bowling balls. I shared the delight of their discovery during the centering reflection time with the pastors. That night a dream revealed what Pastor Sarah described as a “vulnerability hangover.” I might have just let it be, however, the first image I saw the next morning in my Instagram feed was a sketch of a mushroom. So, out of respect for the mushroom, I journaled an image and shared its story again.