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watch for the light

sermon notes from Sunday’s worship at Faith Lutheran in Leavenworth

I was attracted to the light shining through a stained glass window as it was casting an aura of light around the people it was touching. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it before.


a treasure close at hand

Phil Cousineau in “The Art of Pilgrimage” tells the tale of an old rabbi named Eisik, a delightful story about a dream, a journey, and an encounter with a fellow dreamer whose message at last sends Eisik home to find the treasure that had been there all along.

Note that the question mark from the previous post called “quest-ions” became what (kind of) resembles a person, or at least the ‘j’ in the word, journey.  Also, the sun from “quest-ions” became the golden treasure there all along.


From now until the beginning of Lent, I’ll be sharing pages created while reading Phil Cousineau’s “The Art of Pilgrimage.” This journaling is in preparation for LEAD’s Peru Pilgrimage in June 2016. More details here if you’re curious about joining this soulful journey:  http://waytolead.org/portfolio-item/2016-peru-pilgrimage/.