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art led the way

In Christ we are daring faith – caught by grace – echoing shalom.

I had a wonderful experience recently as Artist in Residence at the Greater Milwaukee Synod’s Theological Conference, facilitated by Pastor Sarah Ciavarri with Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly curriculum. During each session I created images that became the centering reflection beginning the next session.

Art led the way.


newness emerging

During the conference, I was smitten by the lyrics of “Light Dawns on a Weary World” written by Mary Louise Bringle.

Light dawns on a weary world when eyes begin to see all people’s dignity. Light dawns on a weary world: the promised day of justice comes.

The trees shall clap their hands; the dry lands, gush with springs; the hills and mountains shall break forth with singing! We shall go out in joy, and be led forth in peace, as all the world in wonder echoes shalom.

Love grows in a weary world when hungry hearts find bread and children’s dreams are fed. Love grows in a weary world: the promised feast of plenty comes.

Hope blooms in a weary world when creatures, one forlorn, find wilderness reborn. Hope blooms in a weary world: the promised green of Eden comes.


we seek shalom

Our presence as God’s people is not to act as saviors or naive do-gooders; we are to be the ones who see the gift that is already present.  We seek shalom–a marriage of peace and prosperity.  And only once the abandoned corners of the empire have found their shalom can any of us enjoy the peace and prosperity God desires for all.

~The Rev. Steve Jerbi, All Peoples Church, Milwaukee