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God, we give thanks for all the peacemakers, for those who study peace, and for those who bring justice and grace together at the table. … God, we wish to live in peace with your creation. … And Lord, we pray for ourselves and our families this season that we may pause to focus on what it would look like, and feel like, and sound like to really work at being peacemakers at home.

~Lynn Willis



Open our hands, Lord.

Learn how to open your hand from your very own poverty. ~Pope Francis

While these words may not be for you, they are words of which I need to be reminded:  On this Thanksgiving Day that so many of us in the United States will experience abundance at the table, may we awaken to the poverty in which we live when we have so much in our hands that we’re unable to even open them toward the gifts of our neighbor.

Not meant to be a downer, rather an opener to all God’s goodness and grace.