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are we listening?

Perhaps last night’s journaling sensed what would come to life at 2am as I watched the night sky from the River House deck.

A shooting, falling star is like “a bright, fragile ‘I am'” … “As our metal eyes wake / to absolute night, / where whispers fly / from the beginning of time, / we cup our ears to the heavens.” ~ We Are Listening by Diane Ackerman

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water is life

From Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations: “No matter the outcome of political machinations and the strivings of empire, there is a quiet stream of loving resistance that values the true riches of the Kingdom of God–the poor, the vulnerable, the oppressed, the marginalized. It is the way that leads to Life.” ~Ellen Haroutunian, https://cac.org/helen-haroutunian-2017-02-28/