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What calls you back to a place?

It happens frequently at the Grunewald Guild that we have folks stop by who once were part of the Guild in some way. Often they have friends or family along who look at the place with puzzled curiosity. I’ve been wondering… what is it that calls people back? It seems bigger than nostalgia.

That’s what I was pondering and journaling when I realized that the page was an unusually close reflection of the breakfast table at which I was sitting, a lovely table set for Jim and me by a dear friend.

bless the space and step in

Just back from some wonderful days with old and new friends at the ELCA Greater Milwaukee Synod’s Fall Theological Conference. Pastor Sarah Ciavarri walked with us through Brené Brown’s “Daring Greatly” material. What does vulnerability look like in church leadership?

I am grateful for tears-shared, goosebumps-lifted, soulful moments, places and spaces of vulnerability that marked these days as good, very good.

The image holds notes from a talk by Grunewald Guild founder Liz Caemmerer as we were preparing for a labyrinth walk in community. Somehow this morning the essence of this image also touches vulnerability.