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What calls you back to a place?

It happens frequently at the Grunewald Guild that we have folks stop by who once were part of the Guild in some way. Often they have friends or family along who look at the place with puzzled curiosity. I’ve been wondering… what is it that calls people back? It seems bigger than nostalgia.

That’s what I was pondering and journaling when I realized that the page was an unusually close reflection of the breakfast table at which I was sitting, a lovely table set for Jim and me by a dear friend.

water is life

From Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations: “No matter the outcome of political machinations and the strivings of empire, there is a quiet stream of loving resistance that values the true riches of the Kingdom of God–the poor, the vulnerable, the oppressed, the marginalized. It is the way that leads to Life.” ~Ellen Haroutunian, https://cac.org/helen-haroutunian-2017-02-28/


all the same

It’s likely that I won’t express this well… it’s sort of a question with which I’ve been living for quite some time now – the mystery of how our very lives depend on duality to function, with categorization to discern… and then along comes a verse like this, and there is an ever-so-brief moment of epiphany, which dissipates as soon as I start trying to lasso it in. So, i let it go.


together seeing

Only in the mirror of one another can we see who we really are. ~Kayla McClurg


This week I am sharing journaling images that were part of last year’s Journaling through Advent experience, images that were created and never shared. I’m in the process of gathering another group this year. Might you be interested in joining me? Check it out here: http://www.grunewaldguild.com/upcoming/journaling-through-advent.