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curvaceous curiosity

Mary Oliver writes, “Almost over night the honey locust trees have let down their many tassels of blossoms, small white flasks filled with the sweetest honey. I gather handfuls and, for a second hold them against my face. The fringes of paradise: summer on earth.”

Pondering the holding of questions before us, like Mary did with the honey locust blossoms, their curvaceous curiosity at the edges of vulnerable unknowing and something new being birthed.


fringe wisdom

There is important wisdom to be gleaned from those on the margins. … The experience of God from that place is one of absolutely gratuitous mercy and empowering love. People on the margins, who are less able to and less invested in keeping up appearances, often have an uncanny ability to name things as they are. Standing with them can help situate us in the truth and helps keep us honest.

~Sister Pat Farrell OSF