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an artist’s call

This question caught my attention this morning: “What if one day our inner self and our physical self were turned inside out?” ~Narendra Kini

As the page was nearing completion, it dawned on me that the artist lives that question every day she’s about her work.


pssst… here’s beauty

On my morning runs, it’s my practice to take a break midway through, allowing my heart rate and breathing to settle.  I can usually tell when that shift happens because all of a sudden, I begin noticing the subtle things around me.   This journal page came about because a little flower brushed my leg.  I had been contemplating beauty, looking out at the pond in front of me and waiting to see beauty “out there.”  It was as if the little flower were saying, “Pssst… look down here.  I am beauty.”  It’s a little crazy to admit that I revisited that little flower throughout its life.

God’s chosen dwelling is “the beauty and amplitude of the human soul.” ~Teresa of Avila