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prayers of renewal

A friend recently described one of the images above as a “visual mantra” … a partnering of words that was very pleasing to my soul.

Inspired by prayers written by Rev. Melissa Johnson Bills for the Tenth Triennial Gathering of the Women of the ELCA, it’s my hope that working on the images is preparing me for the “All Anew” theme of the Gathering.

utter vulnerability

“The utter vulnerability of silence” is a phrase from a recent Richard Rohr Daily Meditation that caught my attention, so I gave it a home in my journaling.

Later I added “echoes Christ.”

It’s a mystery to me why this image on silence is one that I’m choosing to share, especially after a weekend that was about women giving voice to an alternative vision.

The utter vulnerability of silence echoes Christ.

I do know that when my own activity is rooted in the quiet, I tend to be more true to who I am and act with more intention toward what I believe.

May we all have the courage to both enter the silence and echo the Christ in our lives.