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prayers of renewal

A friend recently described one of the images above as a “visual mantra” … a partnering of words that was very pleasing to my soul.

Inspired by prayers written by Rev. Melissa Johnson Bills for the Tenth Triennial Gathering of the Women of the ELCA, it’s my hope that working on the images is preparing me for the “All Anew” theme of the Gathering.

Embajadores de Reconciliación

Ambassadors of Reconciliation

Porque Cristo es nuestra paz: de los dos pueblos ha hecho uno solo. ~Efesios 2:14

For Christ is our peace; he has made both groups into one. ~Ephesians 2:14

This image was created for the International Consultation of Lutheran Church Leadership in the Americas. The event, I believe, will be happening later this week.


and the rest of the story…

I’m getting a little itchy to move on to newer journaling, so here I’m just going to share the rest of the notes from the Greater Milwaukee Synod’s Theological Conference.

If you’re interested in seeing them all together, I’ve also shared them on Pinterest:






alive together

Can you believe a HUGE mushroom inspired this image?

I ran one afternoon during free time at the Theological Conference. At the end of the Chippewa Trail at the Green Lake Retreat Center, were tucked the hugest mushrooms I’ve ever seen, bigger than bowling balls. I shared the delight of their discovery during the centering reflection time with the pastors. That night a dream revealed what Pastor Sarah described as a “vulnerability hangover.” I might have just let it be, however, the first image I saw the next morning in my Instagram feed was a sketch of a mushroom. So, out of respect for the mushroom, I journaled an image and shared its story again.