resurrection edges

There’s an upcoming conference entitled ‘Reimagining Our Spirituality from the Edges,’ for which I’ll be creating a large backdrop, table centerpiece elements, and worship pieces.  In the hope of stirring up some artistic vision, I’ll be journaling and blogging with the theme of edges over the next few days.  If you have anything that you think might help me out, feel free to send it my way!



3 thoughts on “resurrection edges

  1. Vonda, I am finding myself resonating deeply with your reflections on edges. “Called to our own edges” has been my desktop image since you first sent it out. I’ve been sitting for a while now with this idea that perhaps there is meant to be a space inside us. The black hole, the pit, the scary grey emptiness … I spend so much time trying to fill it or avoid it, and I’m learning to accept that this is part of being human (for me!) The empty space is where the Great Mystery resides. Your comments on edges have got me thinking about clay vessels, and how as a clay vessel all I am is edges – a narrow boundary between the space inside, and all that is outside. Divine within, divine without. hmmm … taking me places.

    Blessings on your day.


    1. You have given me goosebumps, Ailsa. “…as a clay vessel all I am is edges” ~ for a long time now I’ve been pondering the force that somehow ‘and’s us into being, holds us, holds everything together. I get glimpses that seem to give me understanding and then just as quickly, I can’t put it into words. Why are we designed to process, make sense of things, by classifying, while God seems to be about the work of always surprising us, always expanding us? The clay that we are is somehow holy, too, right? Spirit infused matter with life at the beginning and when we practice co-creating with the matter of life, the Spirit is present holding it all together, and sometimes if we’re open to it, even leading us. That ‘I AM’ presence… I love the way you put it, the Great Mystery within and without. I’ve likely just talked myself in a circle. I appreciate your words so much… thank you.


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