curiosity over a pretzel

The path needs more light.  To shine the light of your own natural curiosity into the world of another traveler can reveal wonders.

Phil Cousineau, The Art of Pilgrimage

This post reminds me of an encounter over a breakfast pretzel in a hotel restaurant in Innsbruck, Germany.  You see, next to the pretzels there was a vat of boiling water.  It looked like I was supposed to dunk a pretzel in the water, which seemed weird, so I made that gesture to a nearby employee, which caused her to come running toward me to let me know that was not supposed to happen.  I would have loved to have been able to laugh openly with her, to share the wonder of my blunder.  Language and even more likely her training kept our connecting to just grins across the room that week.


From now until the beginning of Lent, I’ll be sharing pages created while reading Phil Cousineau’s “The Art of Pilgrimage.” This journaling is in preparation for LEAD’s Peru Pilgrimage in June 2016. More details here if you’re curious about joining this soulful journey:


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