deeply real

the path where time stops  ~Phil Cousineau

and life oozes and shines  ~Richard Rohr

If you’ve been looking at my journaling images for  a while, you’ve likely seen that I use the “other sides” of pages.  This practice allows for the bleed-through ink to begin the creative conversation.  So, if you look back a few days to the post called “on foot and on faith” you’ll see the other side.  You’ll see how this image goes in a different direction:  what was the mountain becomes the valley of the deeply real.

I have those moments when time stops in my journaling.  This page is an example of an ever-so-brief stopping me in my tracks, turning my world upside down to tell a new story.


From now until the beginning of Lent, I’ll be sharing pages created while reading Phil Cousineau’s “The Art of Pilgrimage.” This journaling is in preparation for LEAD’s Peru Pilgrimage in June 2016. More details here if you’re curious about joining this soulful journey:


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