all ink is holy

Day 3 of sharing the notes I used for a Rise Up, Creative event in March 2015.

What you don’t know about something is also a form of knowledge, though much harder to understand.  In many ways, making art is like blindly trying to see the shape of what you don’t know.  ~Teresita Fernandez

Practicing the principle of all ink matters means that I do my best to use it all.  When I refill my markers, I do it over my journal to catch accidental drips.  Because ink often bleeds through, I use the flip sides of pages and let that bleed-through ink begin the creative conversation.  Sometimes really awesome art is found in the margins, on the napkin at the restaurant, alongside the grocery list, on the scrap piece of paper.  When I’m instagramming, I like to check out those less-obvious canvases.  This is a good example:

This practice is actually a really good motivator for simplifying.  A good friend sent me the link to this amazing TED talk about creating within limitations…


Beginning in September 2015, I’m going to be journaling through Richard Rohr’s Immortal Diamond online course. I’d really love to have company on that journey.   This isn’t about technique, it’s about commitment to exploring soulful questions through co-creative expression in community. So, if your thing is (or you’re wanting it to be) collage art, photography, poetry, music, art journaling, etc (short for EveryThingCounts) AND the course material intrigues you… maybe this could be calling you?

More info about the “Rise Up, Creative” group at


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