recognizing our creativity

Day 2 of sharing the notes I used for a Rise Up, Creative speaking event in March 2015.

I began the talk with some thoughts on creativity.  I love how Erwin Raphael McManus describes creativity as “materializing the invisible.”

At the event we brainstormed and named the different kinds of creativity we practiced.  The 120 women in attendance came up with an impressive list, as I live-journaled their answers on an easel at the front.


Beginning in September 2015, I’m going to be journaling through Richard Rohr’s Immortal Diamond online course. I’d really love to have company on that journey.   This isn’t about technique, it’s about commitment to exploring soulful questions through co-creative expression in community. So, if your thing is (or you’re wanting it to be) collage art, photography, poetry, music, art journaling, etc (short for EveryThingCounts) AND the course material intrigues you… maybe this could be calling you?

More info about the “Rise Up, Creative” group at


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