a feather’s influence

For years the sacred word that has served as an anchor for me when practicing Centering Prayer has been “feather.”

Last spring, LEAD sponsored an event called Influence.  Prior to the event, I struggled with the title.  “Influence” seemed like such an imposing kind of word.  As I pondered and journaled with it, though, I was reminded of how a feather, time and time again, has been the gentle influence bringing me back into the presence of the Holy, allowing me to be open to divine action.  That is influence.

(And now as a side note, I’m hoping sacred words aren’t supposed to be kept secret!)



3 thoughts on “a feather’s influence

  1. hello Vonda, I have been enjoying your daily posts and they remind me of our lovely conversation at the Convention in April. Your post today about the feather made me ponder that you captured a word and made a visual. I once participated in a workshop where we were encouraged to find a visual to own as a special mental image to aid in the search for ‘being present to the holy’. For me the image of a hand resonated in so many ways that I had never really thought about before… not only when the word hand is used in scripture, but in my own experiences with being drawn to hands or a hand, the phrases of our secular world that involve hands… even phrases or quotes that we see more often now on social media with its ability to find and disseminate images so easily. And of course images of open hands and hands held in prayer (opened or closed). Thank you for bringing this memory and my own image back to me today.
    Lynn / Houston


    1. Hi,Lynn! I so enjoyed our conversation. Your creative process fascinated me and I’m glad to know we’re connected here! What beautiful imagery the hand stirs in me, as well, given all its expressions in scripture, incarnate. Many thoughts come to mind. Grateful for your comment! Hope we get a chance to connect in person again!


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