everyday people trusting the waters

Inspired by Pastor Kayla’s reflection on Mark 1:14-20… http://inwardoutward.org/the-story/jan-25/



4 thoughts on “everyday people trusting the waters

  1. Hello Vonda, I just came across your site and am blessed by your prayerful artwork. I saw “everyday people trusting the waters” and would love to utilize this in the bulletins this week at the small UMC church I serve in Jim Thorpe, PA. I wanted to get your permission (you would be credited, obviously), or see if there was a small fee we could contribute to your ministry to use this.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing gift


    1. Hi, Brad! I’m really grateful to know my artwork is meaningful to you, and yes, you are welcome to include it in your bulletin. A small donation, truly whatever the size, would be a helpful gift to the nonprofit at which I work: Grunewald Guild, 19003 River Rd, Leavenworth, WA 98826. Here’s a link to donating online, if that would be easier – https://grunewaldguild.com/donate-now/. Let me know if you need the image in higher resolution.


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